Deciding to begin psychotherapy for yourself or your child is a significant commitment. It is important that you find a therapist who feels right for you and/or your child. The human experience is unique and it is common for challenges to arise. Therapy can address these challenges. It is human nature to strive for a more complete and rewarding existence. However, sometimes when under duress unhealthy patterns emerge. These patterns may meet a need on some levels but inhibit development in other areas. This occurs not because of disorders or disease but due to the drive to preserve and protect oneself

The foundations of my clinical work arise from a solid grounding in Existential Phenomenological Psychology. My work is client centered and focuses on subjective experiences. The therapeutic relationship is collaborative, we will enter into a journey together to identify ways to increase self awareness, develop skills to manage undesirable emotions, and work toward your identified goals. Psychotherapy creates a space to enhance personal growth in a nurturing and honorable environment.

Children and Adolescents have unique developmental needs. Therefore psychotherapeutic services are designed to provide age appropriate care. Treatment is client centered and utilizes play therapy and artistic expression when necessary.